How to Change Name and Time on Samsung iDCS 18D and 28D

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Here are simple instructions to follow to save you money by not having to call your local Telephone System Provider. These easy to follow steps will show you how to change the time and date on all Samsung iDCS Business Telephone Systems. Keep reading and if you have more questions, there’s a useful link at the end for you to view the Entire Samsung iDCS Administrators’s Manual.

How do I change the name on the display of my Samsung telephone?

  • Press transfer 104
  • Press hold to erase the old name
  • Use the number keypad on your phone to enter the new name
  • Press transfer to store your change

How To Change Time and Date on a Samsung iDCS Telephone

  • From any display phone handset press the Transfer key and then dial 200
  • The display will now show ENABLE CUS. PROG. & PASSCODE:
  • Enter the 4 digit passcode (1234)
  • Next Press 1 to for display; Enable CUS. PROG. – ENABLE, then Press the Transfer Key (TRSF)
  • Press TRSF and then Dial 505 to Enter the Time & Date Program.
  • Enter the Date and Time using the following format.
  • The Time and Date format is as follows:
  W (Day of the week, 0-6): Enter 0 for Sunday and 6 for Saturday.
MM (Month, 01-12): Enter 01 for January and 12 for December.
DD (Day of the Month): Enter a the day using 01–31.
YY (Year): Enter the last two digits of the year.
HH (Hours): Use a 24-hour clock with the time in the range 00–24.
MM (Minutes): Enter minutes using 00–59.
  • Next Press the Transfer Key (TRSF) to Save the new Date and Time.

Here’s the Full Samsung iDCS Administrator Guide