a bit about us

Our Mission

To make your (Work) life easier.

We were established in 1987 as a world leader in Voice Mail Manufacturing Industry supporting all phone systems.   At that time in the industry, our platform was ranked 3rd in number of ports sold in the world behind AT&T and Nortel.

In the Winter of 1997 we were invited to the Celcius Labs (now Cisco)  in Richardson, Texas to take a look at what was cooking.  It was the VoIP phone solution that we all know today.  Celcius wanted to partner with us to distribute their VoIP solutions to our customer base as we all believed that VoIP would be the next big thing in Business Phones.

We have a never ending evolution desire to provide Quality and Reliable Business Communication Solutions to End Users.  Currently our iProphet VoIP solution offers the best value in the industry while offering the highest voice quality along with a rich users package of features.  We offer UNLIMITED talk paths.  That’s much different than unlimited talk.  Got a question about that?  Call us, it’s quicker to explain.  

Thanks for visiting us.  

Extraordinary Boutique style Experiences

Our Development team and support groups are located in the United States of America. 

We listen to our clients and provide the highest quality VoIP solutions on the market.  We don’t sacrifice voice quality to fit more users on our phone services like our competitors.  We offer the highest voice quality that reflects our high standards.

Our Solutions

We offer Unlimited Trunks VoIP Phone Solutions with Custom On Hold Messaging.  Optional EFax Services, SMS services, Contact Center Features, Conference Call Services and Managed Services.