Why are my calls showing up as SPAM RISK?

Because of all these Robocallers making irritating calls, the FCC introduced a “Remedy” known as STIR/SHAKEN.
If your outbound calls are reflecting something like “Spam Risk” or similar,  unfortunately, we have no control over carriers that have your number marked as spam. You would need to reach out to the carrier of the called number and go through their process of verifying and removing your number from their list.

Many carriers use Hiya for their Spam and calling name services. We have seen some great success in removing a “SPAM” or “Scam Likey” alert by submitting a request to:


You can find more information about this process at:


You might also contact specific carriers to get this value removed at:

AT&T:  https://www.att.com/reviewmycalllabel
Verizon:  https://www.voicespamfeedback.com/vsf/
T-Mobile:  https://www.t-mobile.com/callreporting
Comcast: xfinityspamfeedback.com or 844-963-0215