Adding Other Manufacturers VoIP Phones to a Cisco Business Edition 6000S (BE6000S), 4000, 7800 and 8800 Series

Learn How To Save Money. Avoid License Fees

You know Cisco isn’t cheap.  You’re probably like most Cisco customers who learned after the purchase, that was just the beginning of the never ending spending gimmicks Cisco uses.  Well hopefully this article will educate you if/when you want to add more stations (Phones) to your existing Cisco VoIP Phone system and how to avoid additional license fees.Cisco phone Dallas

A Real Customers Experience

We learned first hand when a Paris France based client opened up a small Dallas Texas Office.  This company didn’t want to invest a lot of money on infrastructure as they didn’t know their new U.S. Office would be successful.  They wanted their few Dallas Employees to have local telephone numbers while still having the ability to communicate with the staff in Paris.  Customer support would also be handled in Paris and they needed a local U.S. toll free number to boot.  All local U.S. calls as well as toll free callers would make a selection from an Automated Attendant.  When Customer Support was selected from the Automated Attendant, callers would be speaking with a Paris, France employee utilizing a Cisco VoIP Phone integrated with a U.S. based iProphet Cloud Hosted VoIP Telephone system located in Dallas Texas.

We are Always up for the Challenge

First step was the client contacted Cisco in Paris to inquire if and how a third party hosted VoIP Phone system could or would work on their Cisco VoIP System.  They were told “No, it’s not possible”.  They made three calls and spoke with different people in the Cisco support department, each had the same response as “No, it can’t be done”.

The CEO of the French company travels to the U.S. and decides to call Cisco U.S. during one of his sleepless nights due to the time change.  He too gets the same response from the Cisco U.S. based group.  CEO even provides a diagram that we provided him that clearly explains his scenario. Again, Cisco Support states it can not be done.


Telecom Experience beats IT against Cisco VoIP Telephone System

We love a challenge.  How difficult could this really be.  Think out of the box here Cisco.  We learned from this experience working with one of the biggest names in IT manufacturing and support that “No” sometimes means, “I just don’t know”. So we put on our Telecom hat and got to work.

Our background is heavy Telecom.  We manufactured one of the Worlds leading Voice Mail Solutions Nation Wide.  This means we had to understand every phone system manufactured along with the in’s and out’s as well as some tricks.  So we took our experience and beat Cisco.  Specifically we got to work and made our iProphet Hosted VoIP Telephone System integrate with the Cisco’s VoIP  Business System.  Yep, phones in Dallas Texas has there own Direct Inward Dial Numbers.  In fact, the phones have area codes, 214,972,469 and 817.  Each number is only costing the client $1.50/month.  Dallas employees can four digit dial extensions in Paris, France and visa versa.  Local Dallas customers have a choice of dialing a local number or the toll free number to receive technical support from employees in France.

Our client was unable to obtain and register United States phones numbers but integrating the iProphet Hosted system with their Cisco system saved them a ton of money.  They now have the local phone numbers, toll free number and all users extensions working with more features than Cisco offers.  Features like customized messages on hold depending on the call queue.  Furthermore, the customer saved a bunch of money using the iProphet Contact Center (Call Center) features that are standard on the iProphet but very costly with Cisco VoIP Business System.

Conclusion. Call us before inking a deal with Cisco

Phone calls don’t cost you a thing.  If it does, you’re using old technology.  We can educate you on how to save money and get more features than you could image.  It may not even be with us.  We’re just happyfor the opportunity.