EFaxing. Easy as 1,2,3

We don’t see the FAX machine going away anytime soon, especially in certain industries that rely heavily on signed contracts. The problem is, how do you handle FAX machines when switching someone to VoIP? Our EFAX and FAX Enable solve the FAX issues once and for all.

Our EFax service costs nearly 80% less than the leading “e”-fax service, and boasts a 99.93% success rate (even on large faxes). Whether your fax document contains dense text with embedded images or is being sent as a Word doc, PDF or JPG, our TDM-based network ensures that it arrives quickly, every time. You can choose whether to fax over the Internet, from Microsoft Outlook, Goggle Apps or from our standalone desktop client.

Although FAX technology has not undergone many changes in almost half a century, it is a critical component of many businesses. If you prefer using your existing FAX machine and still want to add modern features, such as sending a FAX directly from your desktop or automatic FAX archiving, we have what you need. FAX Enable offers a unique solution that provides you with a number of advanced elements, at a price that is typically less than you are paying for your FAX phone-line today. FAX Enable allows you to deactivate your FAX phone- line when using your existing FAX machine, while adding the following features:


EFAX: $29/month- Includes 300 minutes Inbound and 300 minutes outbound
FAX Enable Device: $109 + $11 Shipping (One-Time Fee)
FAX Enable Bundle: $35 Setup / Call for Unlimited FAX*

* Outbound FAXs on the FAX Enable bundle can only be sent via the FAX Enable Device. Web/Email FAXing for outbound is not available.

Instructions on How To Send an EFax via Email

Instructions on How To Install a Fax Enabler Device