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SNOM DECT Repeater

product picture $132.99 Snom DECT Repeater for snom M3
The snom DECT repeater can be deployed when there is a desire to extend the range of the snom m3 telephone, or the need arises to increase limited coverage or improve reception in remote areas.
Not all repeaters are created equal. In order to maximize improvements to the DECT telephone's operational ability (whether increased range, improved reception, or both), until now it was important to select the according repeaters. The snom DECT repeaters comply with all this requirements.

Snom DECT Repeater for snom M3 with Plug-and-Play Installation
The snom DECT Repeater is designed in accordance with the DECT standard. It is intended for a use in residential, business and public DECT applications based on the GAP profile. So they built an ideal addition to your snom m3. The snom DECT Repeater has two internal antennas and can be used to double the effective range of a DECT Base Station. And the snom DECT Repeater can ensure the seamless intercell handover from the base station area to the repeater area and vice versa.
It is possible to register up to six repeaters to a single base station. Furthermore the snom DECT Repeater uses a new, automatic registration method. With this new method, the repeater automatically seeks and acquires the DECT/GAP base station that emits the most powerful signal. For the end user this means that the repeater installation has been simplified to Plug-and-Play.

Snom DECT Repeater Features
Works in accordance with the DECT standard
Doubles the range of the snom m3 by two internal antennas
Registering up to six snom DECT Repeaters on one base station
Plug-and-Play Installation

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