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SNOM SH-M3DECT-Basic Wireless Phone

product picture $244.99 Snom DECT M3 Base Station Package
Snom DECT M3 Base station package is an expandable system with multiline functionality for up to eight handsets, allowing for up to three simultaneous calls at time. Additional features include three-way conference calls, call transferring, music while on hold, call forwarding, and speed dialing with an address book allowing up to 170 entries. The Snom M3 has an indoor range of 50 meters and an outdoor range of 100 meters. The M3 Base Station package comes with charger, base station and one handset with cradle; Power supplies one each for handset and base station. The SIP gateway is in the base station with Ethernet connection.
Snom DECT M3 Base Station Package with Polyphonic Ringtones
As a first-class expansion of IP-based telephony solutions using the well-proven snom 300, 320, 360, and 370 tabletop phones, the snom m3 is the wireless complement for more mobility and freedom with the quality customers have come to expect from snom. The snom m3 allows the discerning user easy access to all functions via a color user interface. The snom m3 also impresses with its brilliant design.
The decision to integrate DECT technology is an expression of snom's business philosophy to offer dependable VoIP phones that are highly interoperable as well as user-friendly to operate.

For the specific use on frequently called extensions, the snom m3 also offers business customers the highest possible flexibility and mobility with functions like holding/resuming calls and call forwarding via SIP. While the caller is holding, music-on-hold is available from the IP PBX.

Other important functions relevant to the business community like three-party conferences, polyphonic ringtones, and up to 8 different SIP registrations on each handset are applications accessible from the easy-to-use, well laid-out, and intuitively operable graphical user interface which make the snom m3 an efficient tool and give you a head start on mobility. Numerous other business applications are complemented by many other functions and the enduringly long operating time of the Li-Ion battery pack.

Use the snom m3 efficiently and - by the simplest means imaginable - connect up to 8 handsets to one base station whose range of 50 meters indoors or 300 meters outdoors may be expanded considerably by up to six DECT repeaters.

Become mobile with the snom m3 and increase your and your employees' productivity.

Snom DECT M3 Features
Display: 128 x 128 pixels, 65536 colors, backlit
Li-Ion battery pack for 8 hours of calls or 100 hours standby
Range: 50 meters indoors, 100 meters outdoors
12 numerical keys, 5 navigation keys, 2 function keys
Speakerphone on mobile handset
Polyphonic ringtones
Automatic registration of handset
Separate charging cradle for handset
8 handsets per base station
8 SIP registrations with different servers/registrars
Up to 3 concurrent calls per base station
Three-way conference
Remote setup, password protection
Open DECT GAP standard

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