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Multi Tenant VoIP SIP PBX

product picture IProphet Multi Tenant PBX allows Service Providers to set up multiple independent PBXs on the same PBX server and offer their customers the same powerful PBX features found in IProphet PBX in a secure hosted environment.

With IProphet Multi Tenant PBX, we’ve included all the powerful management and end-user features of IProphet PBX, and added the additional management and security features needed to enable service providers to host dozens – or even hundreds – of individual PBXs for their clients, customers, or tenants.

All the IProphet Multi Tenant PBX components are installed automatically while still giving the user full access to the installed operating system an ability to upgrade Asterisk or other components as needed.

In addition to the web based management and end-user configuration provided by IProphet Multi Tenant PBX Manager GUI, IProphet Multi Tenant PBX offers additional tools for a fully automated auto-provisioning of supported phones.
Advantages of IProphet Multi Tenant PBX:

• Multi Tenant scalability. IProphet Multi Tenant PBX partitions Asterisk into multiple PBXs using its own virtualization (without using virtual machines) and is therefore capable of supporting larger numbers of small virtual PBXs on the same box.
• Ease of installation. IProphet Multi Tenant PBX can be installed in minutes - all the required components are included.
• Open management. All the configuration information is stored in text files in a standard Asterisk format, helping system administrators familiar with Asterisk to diagnose and troubleshoot any configuration issues.
• Fast configuration. System wide and tenant level templates and bulk provisioning of tenants, as well as the user extensions and related devices greatly reduce PBX configuration time.
• Unmatched flexibility in extending the system through IProphet Multi Tenant PBX’s unique, script-based approach. IProphet Multi Tenant PBX's Script Library (shipped as Open Source) can be extended by users to include unlimited new PBX features.
• Open auto-provisioning. IProphet Multi Tenant PBX comes with templates for Aastra, Cisco, Linksys, Polycom and Snom phones and ATAs. Service providers can easily add templates to support new types of devices or customize the templates to their requirements - system wide or on a tenant level.
• Higher Performance. IProphet Multi Tenant PBX uses Asterisk dial plan commands only (no AGI scripts) which lowers the server load and allows managing a larger number of customers on the same hardware.
• Remote multi-site management. By using IProphet Multi Tenant multi-site features service providers can easily monitor and manage multiple servers.
• Ease of operation. Service providers can manage PBXs on behalf of the customers or give advanced customers permissions to self manage their PBXs.
• Common User Interface. IProphet Multi Tenant PBX Manager GUI is virtually identical to that of the base PBX Manager GUI helping to manage the transition when customers choose to run IProphet PBX on-premises.
• Fine grained control. Service providers can set permissions and limits for each tenant and define the default templates for end users.
• End user support. User Portal enables end users to manage their own settings including access to directory, voice mail, call logs, call forwarding, follow-me, call screening and recording.

Components of IProphet Multi Tenant PBX:

IProphet Multi Tenant PBX Manager GUI
IProphet Multi Tenant PBX Manager GUI duplicates that of IProphet PBX Manager GUI, and adds the Tenant and DID management to support multi-tenant and hosting capabilities:
IProphet Multi Tenant PBX Manager GUI provides:
• Management screens for system administrators and office staff responsible for day-to-day PBX management.

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