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Jabra GN9350 Series $244.95

product picture Wireless VoIP and desk telephony

The Jabra GN9350 is a dual-function wireless headset for both VoIP and traditional telephony, providing all the benefits of handsfree mobility in a lightweight, ergonomic and future-proof design.

The Jabra GN9350 wireless headset significantly enhances the user’s experience with all PC based IP applications, including Microsoft® Office Communicator 2007. Its impressive 6.8 kHz audio bandwidth is more than twice that of conventional telephony! Not only does wideband sound give the feeling of a true “face-to-face” conversation, it also helps increase productivity because users can hear every detail the first time.

The Jabra GN9350 makes everything sound better. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology removes impurities from the incoming signal, enriches sound quality and maintains a safe, consistent volume level. The Jabra GN9350’s sleek boom, with noise-canceling microphone means the user’s voice is always transmitted clearly.

The dual function of the Jabra GN9350 means users can expand or change their telephone system from traditional desk telephony to VoIP without having to purchase new headsets. This makes the GN9350 a uniquely future-proof investment. Intuitive and easy to use, the Jabra GN9350’s sophisticated LCD display lets users set call parameters, such as volume and audio output, to suit their individual preference. It also expands users’ communications potential with a wireless range of up to 300 feet, conference call capability and, with an optional hot-swappable interchangeable battery, around-the-clock talk time.

The Jabra GN9350 headset works with any PC based IP application without requiring any additional software, including drivers. Just plug the headset into the PC USB port and you are connected.

Additional Information

Dual connection
The Jabra GN9350 is a dual connection wireless headset, connecting to both your computer based IP softphone and your standard desk telephone.

Up to 300 feet office range
With a range of 300 feet in a typical office environment, you’ll be able to walk, talk and work throughout the office environment.

Talk time:

Up to 6 hours VoIP talktime
Up to 9 hours telephone talk time
The Jabra GN9350 comes with a single 9-hour battery. A second, hot-swappable battery is available as an accessory.


43 hours with power on base
120 hours without power on base

Your Jabra GN9350 is always standing by, ready for action.

Battery recharging time: 3 hours
The accessory battery of the Jabra GN9350 quickly charges in its dock so your calls will never be cut short.

Battery status indicator
The four LEDs in the base keep you informed of your headset battery status at all times.

Noise-canceling microphone
The Jabra GN9350’s sleek boom-arm with noise-canceling microphone ensures your voice is always transmitted clearly.

200 Hz – 6.8 kHz full audio bandwidth using IP telephony
The Jabra GN9350 is the first wireless headset with wideband, high definition sound quality so everything sounds crystal clear.

200 Hz – 3.5 kHz audio bandwidth in telephony mode
The sound quality of traditional telephony with the added bonus of hands-free mobility.

Mute function
The mute button is easily accessed, preventing your voice from being transmitted when you need to
consult with a colleague.

On-line indication
Easily recognized LED illumination informs you of your on-line status.

Volume control
Intuitive controls facilitate easy volume correction.

DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
Sophisticated DSP technology processes the incoming signal and removes impurities, giving you
incredibly clear, rich sound.

DSP auto-volume automatically eliminates fluctuations, adjusting the volume of all incoming calls
to the same, consistent level.

Base unit display (LCD)
Easy setup of call parameters to meet your personal preferences.

3 wearing styles:

Over-the-head (headband)
On-the-ear (ear hook)
Behind-the-neck (neckband)
There is a wearing style to suit every preference, providing optimum working comfort.

Multi-unit conferencing
Up to four Jabra GN9350 headsets can dock with one base to form a conference call. Fully mobile, convenient conference calling without the conference room or traditional crackling telephone conferencing equipment.

Remote call answering/ending:
The Jabra GN9350 features remote call answer/end functionality, letting you answer/end calls while away from your desk. The Jabra GN9350 works with:

Microsoft® Office Communicator 2007*
The Jabra GN1000 remote handset lifter, which mechanically lifts/lowers your telephone’s handset.
A telephone’s built-in electronic hook switch (EHS), which electronically answers/ends calls.

PeakStopTM technology – max 118 dB SPL (RMS)
The Jabra GN9350 guards against sudden noise spikes from the telephone network.

Digital security encryption
The Jabra GN9350 digitally encrypts your calls, giving you complete calling security and conversation confidentiality.

Technology: 1.9 GHz DECT, 63 mW transmission power
Warranty: 1-year warranty

Operating temp.: 10° C/40°
Storage temp.: 0° C/40°
Headset weight: 26 g
Base weight: 255 g

TT4 – world’s toughest standard for noise and acoustic shock
EU safety regulations – cumulative noise exposure should never exceed 85 dB SPL

* Requires the product version Jabra GN9350 for Microsoft® Office Communicator 2007.

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