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Jabra Bluetooth with Hub $146.55

product picture Two connections – One pure design

The Jabra JX10 headset connects wirelessly to your Bluetooth mobile phone and simultaneously to your corded desk phone via a discreet Bluetooth Hub for ultimate convenience and ease of use with none of the hassle of changing headsets.

Developed for the active professional in the office and in the field, the Bluetooth Hub is compatible with most corded desk phones. MultiPoint™ connectivity and up to 10 meter range provide flexible options for simultaneous connection of two devices of your choice to a single headset: desk phone Bluetooth Hub and Bluetooth mobile phone, two Bluetooth mobile phones, PC Bluetooth enabler and Bluetooth mobile phone.

Jabra JX10 incorporates128 bit security encryption to protect your sensitive communication and includes eSCO (extended Synchronous Connections) and DSP for enhanced voice quality via Bluetooth audio links.

The distinctively styled Jabra JX10, designed by world-renowned Danish designer Jacob Jensen, and the Bluetooth Hub are as attractive as they are functional.

Additional Information

Features & Benefits:

MultiPoint™ technology
Offers you two simultaneous connections with the headset, e.g.:

With the desk phone via the Bluetooth Hub and a Bluetooth mobile phone*
With two Bluetooth mobile phones*
With a PC Bluetooth enabler* and a Bluetooth mobile phone*
With a PC Bluetooth enabler* and a desk phone via the Bluetooth Hub

* not included in the pack

Up to 6 hours talk time and 200 hours standby
If charged overnight your JX10 is always standing by, ready for action during a busy workday

Bluetooth compliance
Bluetooth 2.0 specifications

Stylish, lightweight headset (less than 10g)
Great calling comfort throughout the day – a must for busy professionals working both in the office and on the move.

eSCO (extended Synchronous Connections)
Improves voice quality of the Bluetooth audio links

DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
Sophisticated DSP technology processes the incoming signal and removes impurities, giving you incredibly clear, rich sound.

128-bit digital encryption
The JX10 and Bluetooth Hub digitally encrypts your calls, giving you complete call security and conversation confidentiality.

10m wireless freedom
With a range of up to 10 meters, you’ll be able to walk, talk and work throughout your office

Sleek Bluetooth Hub
The discreet, yet stylish Bluetooth Hub can be placed at the edge of the desk taking up minimal space on an often crowded office desk

2 wearing styles (with or without earhook)
Choice of on-ear or in-ear wearing style based on your personal preference

USB charger for JX10
When on the move the JX10 will never let you down with an intuitive to use USB cable for charging directly from the laptop.

Optional remote call answering/ending
The optional GN1000 remote handset lifter, which mechanically lifts/lowers your desk phone’s handset, lets you answer/end calls while away from the desk

NA/APAC: 1 year limited warranty
EMEA: 2 year limited warranty

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