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Proper Phone Techniques

February 4, 2010

Answering the phone is not as easy as picking up the receiver. There are things to avoid and techniques to utilize. The following tips for answering services can help make every call a good one.
*Smiling: Representatives should smile when on the phone with a client. Smiling changes inflection and tone during a phone call. The impression of happy, smiling representatives helps place callers at ease and provides a great impression for the business.
*Putting Callers on Hold: Callers are going to be placed on hold; its unavoidable. There is a delicate way to do this and an abrasive way. Callers like to be informed about where theyre being transferred or how long they are going to be forced to wait.
*Hanging up Last: A hasty worker may hang up the phone before the client on the other end has a chance to finish what they were saying. Its important to make sure the other caller has made all of their points before ending the phone conversation.
*Addressing the Caller: The tone and language used in a phone conversation should be professional. Speaking with a client too informally may give off a bad impression or make the client feel uncomfortable.
*Speaking Clearly: A good businessperson attempts to speak very clearly. It is not professional to make it difficult for a client to understand what is being stated.
*Listening Well: Listen carefully to the client. People do not like to repeat themselves. A good technique to employ is to repeat particular points back to the other caller.
*Reviewing Issues: Representatives should make sure that they have touched upon all important issues of a call before hanging up. Taking notes during the call can help this process. Important information should be repeated, and both callers should be aware of the next step and future expectations.
*No eating or drinking: Under no circumstance is it okay to eat or drink while speaking to clients on the phone. It is unprofessional and can interrupt speaking and listening abilities.