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Cellular App for IProphet
Huge Money Saver

By In-House Staff / Press Release
November 18, 2009

Using your cellular phone can be very costly. Did you know that cellular charges are running higher than companyís phone and data plans combined? Check out your numbers and you will most likely agree.

The IProphet now has a solution for your high cellular bills. Similar to the BlackBerry MVS Server for Cisco Unified Communications Manager but with more features and a much lower cost, Cellular App allows cell phone users to use their cell phone for FREE. No dings on the minutes used either. For cellular users with plans such as T-Mobileís Fave 5, AT&Tís ďAĒ list or Verizonís Friends & Family, cell users can dial into the IProphet SIP PBX and receive Dial Tone as if they are sitting in the office safely and securely.

Hereís how it works

John is an iPhone user and phones into his company office. He immediately receives a dial tone which allows John to either dial an extension and talk to one of his co-workers, or, dials a customers ten digit phone number. Either way, the call is FREE to John.

In addition to the FREE calls, there are now reports available to log calls made to/from clients and co workers. John can even record the conversations if desired. (This helps clear up any questions of different interpolations of conversations). Recorded calls can be emailed to anyone because itís in a WAV format.

John can use his cell phone as a wireless phone but with greater coverage. In fact, the cellular network is the coverage map. John simply uses the IProphet User Web Portal to ring his cell phone simultaneously when his desk phone rings. Because the IProphet can ring multiple phones simultaneously and the cell phone number is registered within the IProphet, all incoming calls from the office to Johnís cell phone are FREE.

When you add your cellular invoices and compare it to the savings of the Cellular App from IProphet, youíll see the savings adding up fast.