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Nortel Avaya Users Integrate iProphet SIP PBX
Blending the old with the new

By Rik Holliday / Online
November 16, 2009

If a significant portion of your enterprise voice infrastructure is Nortel or Avaya, what should you be doing right now to minimize your risk from the transitions that will occur as Nortel Enterprise is absorbed into Avaya (Alcatel)? Should you act quickly and attempt to migrate that infrastructure to another vendor's systems and even if you want to take this course, will capital be available for you to pull it off? And if you opt for a more gradual migration of the Nortel products in your network, how do you ensure that this is an orderly transition that doesn't leave you with stranded assets?

Many Industry veterans believe Avaya is the next to fall hard. Their track record hasnt been very impressive over the past 8 years. French owned Alcatel purchased Avaya in 2007. Simply stated Alcatel isnt very impressive and respected, so what does the Nortel Client do?

One thought is retain your current expense with your Nortel Equipment. Thats right, take your chances of driving on "borrow time". Its like a cross country road trip from New York to California on tires without any treads and no spare tires. Its an option, but not a good one.

Many current Nortel and Avaya users are implementing iProphet SIP PBX into their mix. A blending of sorts. Instead of making the financial decision all at once and jumping full force into a total SIP solution (Which isnt bad), many are adding departments or remote users while still maintaining their old clunker of a system.

Its easy and inexpensive to migrate and blend iProphet into current telecom infrastructures like Nortel and Avaya. In fact, iProphet can be utilized as a SIP gateway that sits In Front of the Old School PBXs. Because SIP trunks are priced drastically lower than PRI and T1 lines, companies desire to save money but dont have the budget to replace their current telecom technology. Implementing the iProphet in front of the old Nortel or Avaya will certainly help the cause while offering added features such as call center (Contact Centers) and remote users whom may be working from their homes. Furthermore features like the following are built in at not extra cost.

Call Logging (Recording)
Detailed Call Records
Unified Messaging (Voice Mail to Email)
Message on hold per ACD group in WAV format
Web Based User Interface
Built-In Conference bridge with User Interface
Dashboard type controls for the call manager
Fax Mail
Much more

So for all you Old School users who have a desire to get into current technology for practically nothing out of pocket, I suggest you review the iProphet SIP PBX.