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SIP for Dummies
Digital or SIP Phone Systems?

By Rik Holliday Principal / Web Portal
June 3, 2008

Digital or SIP Phone System?

Would you purchase an 8-track tape or down load a MP3 for your music needs? Most would say they prefer to down load a MP3 file and take advantages of the quality and flexibility of the current MP3 format. The same holds true with SIP phone systems. The problem is, most people don’t understand the SIP world. So here’s a quick low down on why you should use SIP (Sessions Initiated Protocol).

SIP isn’t “New” but is rather the “Current” means of state of the art telephone communications. Companies no longer have to spend big bucks on proprietary equipment from Manufactures such as Lucent (AT&T), Nortel or NEC just to name a few. SIP is an open standard that allows dozens of phone manufacturers to function on one common solution. Just like in your home (If you still have dial tone), you can purchase dozens of phone models from dozens of phone manufacturers. Simply go down to your favorite retailer, plug in the phone in your wall outlet and bamb, you have a working phone. The same holds true with SIP phone systems. You are no longer tied to the high prices of Proprietary phone units. You have a choice and most are inexpensive.

Now some manufacturers such as Polycom make some outstanding phones. The voice quality blows me away! I have never experienced sound quality like the SIP Polycom phone on my desk and it’s about 1/3 of the cost of the big names. I have more features on my phone such as Call Lists ( view all call history), easy to use Conference keys, easy to program speed dials and much more.

SIP dial tone is about ˝ the cost of Digital or Analog dial tone. We dropped our phone expenses by over 75% our first month after implementing our SIP telephone system. Long distance is only 1.9 cents minute versus our old rate of 6 cents. Our calling area is far greater which means we spend less on long distance even though the rates are lower with the new SIP plans.

Employees are working from home which makes everyone happy. The biggest objection we hear is the fear of the employee actually working. Out of sight out of mind…? We were surprised that our employees were actually MORE productive. How do we know? We have simple to understand reports showing us all activity. Our employees are working earlier and later than their normal business hours. Simply put, we have happier employees that don’t have to deal with traffic, the high cost of fuel, cost of eating their meals out at lunch and going through the whole routine of putting on the makeup or shaving. Think about it for a minute. You may know what I mean.

So here’s the bottom line. SIP will save your company money and more than likely pay for itself in savings which means no out of pocket expense. Companies can grow with this technology and/or retain their good employees by giving them the tools to do their job from a remote location. Employees will be more productive and your customers will have a better all around experience.

I suggest you give it a try. Call us for a free trial to see for yourself. No smoke and mirrors here folks.