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iProphet CONNECT Application
Use Web Browsers, iPhone, Android Devices, Windows, Linux and Mac

By Dan Gabel / In-House
January 21, 2019

iProphet CONNECT is an application that provides your team with chat, voice and video calls and conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, CRM and application integration.

iProphet CONNECT allows your team to communicate using web browsers, iPhone, Android devices, and Windows, Linux and Mac desktops.

What you can do with iProphet CONNECT to improve your team productivity

-Send and receive secure messages in one-to-one and group conversations

-Receive messages from applications via Slack and HipChat compatible Webhooks

-Access multiple contact sources - personal, company and others.

-Log in using your Google or Office 365 accounts

-Find contacts in Google, Office 365, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho, Zendesk, etc, call them, and get popups when they call you

-Find messages in message history

-Share files

-Quickly setup and easily manage voice and video conferences

-Escalate your conversations as needed - from chat, to voice, to video

-Make and receive calls using your office extension and caller ID, keep your mobile number private

-Receive direct calls or calls to your office extension even when iProphet CONNECT is in the background, and your phone is in "sleep" mode

-Make point-to-point calls to teammates who are using iProphet CONNECT in browsers, mobile phones, or desktop

-Save international and long distance charges by making calls via your iProphet business phone system

-Get notifications when your teammates contacts you
Let your teammates know your status, see if your teammates are busy, on the phone, etc

-Take full advantage of iProphet business phone system functionality - manage call recording, forwarding, etc

-Easily switch between iProphet CONNECT and your office desk phone. If you have one :)

-Access and manage your office voicemail, listen to recorded calls

Send PDF files as faxes from anywhere, even your mobile phone. Yes, faxes :)

iProphet CONNECT for iPhone and Android can be installed from App Store and Google Play, iProphet CONNECT for Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops can be downloaded using the browser based iProphet CONNECT.