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Office Move Checklist for your Phone System
Moving your phone system can be costly. Avoid these mistakes

By John Fulmer / In-House
August 12, 2013

Your business is growing and you need new office space with expanded technology. You have the movers all planned out but, you overlooked some critical points. How are your customers going to call you at your new location?

Many Companies think that simply calling their phone provider and telling them that they are moving is sufficient enough. That's not true. Phone companies have Rate Centers scattered all around metropolitan areas. What that means is letís say you have a 214 area code and you are also moving into a 214 area code. It may not be that easy (or cheap) as you think.

Often times the phone carriers will have to forward your numbers to a new set of numbers. And this charge does not come cheap. You have to pay on the "Path". A Path is a conversation path and an easier definition is an example. Let's say you are in the office and your spouse calls you. That's a path. Multiple the numbers of conversations by the number of simultaneous calls and you can determine the number of Paths you need. At $50/path, the added expenses can add up. Additionally, this continues on for the life of your services.

What do you do?

Plan ahead and think about positive change. VoIP phone systems are immune to this issue. If you have some old farts running the business, now is the time to have a discussion with them. It may be best for a telecom company to come and have the discussion. You can save your relationship with the boss.

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