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Retrieving Recorded Calls on Your VoIP Phone System Dallas
Business Phone Systems have Built in Recording of all calls.

By Donald Trump / In-House
April 12, 2013

How to retrieve recorded calls from your iProphet VoiP business phone systems Dallas

Recording all calls is as simple as pressing a button in the User Portal. Specifically, if Record Call Calls is selected, both incoming and outgoing calls are record. Everything. On the iProphet VoIP PBX, this is a big change from the old days of Digital Phones. Digital Phones require expensive hardware that is limited to the number of conversations that can be recorded. A third party piece of equipment is required, or for smaller applications, the voice mail ports can be used. Either way, it's more costly to accomplish the task and more equipment has to be maintained. Additionally, the storage capacity it generally proprietary which limits growth. We have call center clients still using their old Samsung, NEC, Toshiba and Nortel Digital systems with old recording devices that are paying more in annual licensing and servicing fees than it would cost to replace with a new IP system. So it's wise to investigate VoIP solution when your needs call for Recording Calls.

Retrieving the Recordings are just as easy. All messages are in WAV format and can be forwarded to anyone in the world with an email address.

How to do it;
Follow this link to a quick youtube tutorial. Link to Youtube Tutorial

-From the iProphet User Portal, Select Recorded Calls.
-Search for your recording by many different fields such as Destination Number that was dialed or dialed you. Time or Date of the Call...
-You can press PLAY to listen to the recordings using your headset or speakers
-Select which recording(s) you want to forward by placing a check box on the left side of the recording.
-Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter the Recipients Email address (It could be yours as well).
-Enter the information you wish to display on the Subject Line.
T-ype what ever notes you wish the email to contain. Perhaps specific time marks with additional meaningful note.
-Press Send.