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Dallas Leading Telephone System Solutions Provider

By Rik Holliday / Briefing Wire
March 21, 2013

Executive Telephony, Inc offers facilities based IP network operator providing VoIP and TDM services, as well as enhanced Hosted Applications to business, along with state of the art 24x7x365 Network Operations Control Center.
Thinking about replacing your outgrown, outdated and very expensive PBX/Key system or Centrex service? When you are ready to make your move, consider our Hosted IP PBX and Hosted VoIP Phone System, a robust IP Communications service that offers:
• The freedom to select the number of lines, extensions and long distance minutes according to your business needs
• More reasonable bandwidth access, and wider choices in customer premise
equipment (Hosted VoIP Phones), which will lower your total cost of owner (TCO) due to the elimination of your in-house staff and support
• Flexibility to purchase lines, extensions and long distance on an unbundled
• No required up-front capital outlay
• The ability to leverage the number of lines across a greater number of users, as your needs dictate
• Extensions that come complete with our full-featured Premium Service Set**
• Significant savings on enhanced mobility features
• Attractive to an end user (it follows the traditional PBX cost model with more users)
• No risk of obsolescence - software is kept current through software updates.
E911 stands for Enhanced 911. It is an enhanced version of the 911 emergency service, and is provided by conventional phone companies. When you use this service, your personal information like name and address are automatically given to your local dispatch center or Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). To dial E911, simply dial 9-1-1. This service is being included into VoIP packages by Executive Telephony. That’s why you should always ask about 911 when contracting a VoIP service. When you sign for VoIP service with Executive Telephony, you must give a permanent address along with your name. If you change address, make sure you update it with Executive Telephony. If you use your VoIP service while on the move, then E911 might not be very helpful as they only have a fixed address to locate you.
Hosted VoIP Phone System
If you run a small to medium-sized business, you are already likely aware of the benefits of VoIP. The cost savings. The simplified infrastructure. The advanced features. While the move is inevitable, where and how you move are critical considerations. It is also why you should take a close look at both the what and the who of Executive Telephony.
With our Hosted VoIP Phone Service, you get a dedicated call plan with the ability to choose from three feature set options: Dial tone, Standard or Premium. The feature sets, which vary depending upon the type chosen, include personal services and mobility, voice mail messaging and web-based call management tools.
This allows you to:
• Match feature sets to your specific and future needs from the most feature Demanding requirements to basic dial tone services, each set with its own dedicated line
• Work confidently with a provider that has the experience, the knowledge and the commitment to customer service and support that you need.

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