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Phybridge UniPhyer-Not Cost Effective

By In Our Opinion / In House
January 12, 2010

There has been a lot of discussions about solutions that can utilize existing voice structure from legacy phone solutions. The following is a marketing email we received from the developers of Phybridge. We are not going to bash the manufacturer for attempting to create a business model for their solutions, but rather, point out what we consider a "Better" angle to solve the challenge of installing VoIP on CAT3 (or less) cabling.

This is VERY simple with no need to confuse any purchaser.

1] Most VoIP solutions only require 10MB of Data. Simple terminate the jacks with CAT5E while the other end to a patch panel.

2] Run new data cabling. It cost less than purchasing cost Phybridge ports. Plus you have just enhanced your data structure to handle future advancements such as video to the desktop.

[Original email begins below]

Sounds logical, sounds simple, but in the world of technology it is hard to believe. But a technology has been developed from a different paradigm and it is proving to partners such as Bell, Allstream and many other resellers that moving customers to IP telephony can be simple. To get an appreciation of this new technology we must understand the business value of what the voice on data methodology is asking you to abandon. For over 100 years, voice infrastructure had a consistent topology and this foundation contributed to the five nines reliability businesses have come to come to expect from voice services. We are referring to the two wire voice infrastructure within the wall supporting the customer's digital or analog telephony.
This infrastructure was designed and built for the real-time requirements of voice. The topology is the same in every business regardless of size. From the central closet where the PBX resides to the endpoint there is a dedicated point-to-point physical path with no other device sharing the bandwidth. This proven reliable topology that is standard across every business is being abandoned in the move to IP telephony for a data network that does not have a standard topology and no two networks are the same; there is no dedicated physical path for voice. Does this make sense for the customer or you as their provider? This one simple ideal effectively executed can make a significant difference in your business allowing you to capitalize as businesses move to IP telephony.

The Phybridge UniPhyer is the only networking switch in the world that delivers Ethernet and Power over Ethernet over a single pair of wire with reach of 1,200 feet. It was specifically designed to allow partners and customers to leverage existing, proven reliable voice infrastructure to quickly and easily migrate to IP telephony with no business or network disruptions. Every customer experience is the same. What does it mean to your customers and to your business if you can confidently claim "Wherever you have a digital or analog phone today, you will have an IP phone tomorrow with no network or business disruptions and we will focus on ensuring your users get the most out of the applications." Now you can make this claim with the Phybridge UniPhyer.

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