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About Us Main Pic Executive Voice Mail Systems, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Rik Holliday. Rik’s background was with Xerox Corporation marketing high capacity Laser Printers, Copiers and Voice Mail services (XVMX). In the early days of Voice Mail, only the Fortune 100 companies were utilizing the Voice Mail technology due to the high capital cost. After forming Executive Voice, Rik developed a Voice Mail solution that small and medium size business could afford and benefit from. The development of the Prophet Voice Mail system was born and sold to Telephone Interconnects (Phone System Resellers). Not only was Prophet Voice less costly, but it outperformed the expensive units that the fortune 100 companies were using. By 1996, Prophet Voice was the third largest Global selling system behind AT&T and Nortel. Prophet Voice was not limited to any phone manufacturer. Prophet Voice worked on all Phone systems.

With the global success of Prophet Voice, Executive Telephony, Inc was formed in 1987 to meet the needs of end users. The talented group of workers from Executive Voice placed their focus on offering limitless communication technology to end users that were not restricted too proprietary manufactures limitations such as Avaya, Cisco, Samsung and NEC. VoIP phones from Cisco and Polycom tested well in the Executive Telephony labs and utilizing a stable Linux operating system offers unlimited possibilities. Understanding the future of Apples iPhone (and other smart phones), was and still is critical to the iProphet VoIP SIP PBX. Optional features from the other big box manufacturers are standard in the iProphet solutions. Features such as unlimited Voice Mail boxes, Unified Messaging (Voice Mail too Email), Call Recording, Simultaneous ringing cell phones while office phones ring and so much more are all included at no extra expense. To top it off, any SIP phone can be used on the iProphet. This offers the end user more choices on their desired telephone set type at a much lower cost. Executive Telephony is a leader in the Dallas Fort Worth market offering advanced Business Communication Systems.

Executive Voice develops custom applications such as Remote Hand Held Measuring devices using Sonic and Laser Technology. Clients in the Railroad, Oil/Gas and Forestry industry benefit by eliminating the costly manual methods of a measuring tape, ladder and stick days of the past. All the data collected is sent via standard or propriety conduits to eliminate misappropriation. Additionally, Executive Voice develops remote sensors to detect fluid levels, Fluid Dispensing, Fluid/Gas leaks, Soil PH, Pump and Motor activity, Controls to automatically shut off and much more utilizing GSM (Cellular), Radio and GPS. All information can be viewed and controlled via a Web Browser. Units are often placed in remote areas where electricity doesn’t exist. All solutions are self sustaining.

The Executive Voice team of developers is capable of developing solutions for practically any need.

"Excitement and reward exist only outside
your comfort zone. You'll experience
neither of them until you make yourself
do something you really don't want to do."

Company Information

We like to hear that we are, "Different". That means we are doing our job and our customers love us. Since our inception in 1987 the Technology world has undergone dramatic and often times confusing changes. The breadth of information available to us at this time in history is staggering. We have more information available at our finger tips in the history of the world. The internet affords us the opportunity to educate ourselves on virtually any subject within heretofore unheard of timeframes. Executive Telephony is indeed fortunate to be located in the heart of the Telecom and Oil/Gas Corridor of the world, Dallas, Texas. Having leading companies within twenty miles of us affords us numerous opportunities to interact with them on many different levels. Our experience, knowledge base and industry relationships allow our clients to better utilize their resources through the efficient design, installation and maintenance of their network. Our customers are able to save tremendous amounts of money while benefiting from new product enhancements and working directly with the manufacturer. It doesn’t get any better than that.